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Narayan Maruti Kadam (CEO)

Narayan Maruti Kadam is the founder and CEO of Bombay Intelligence Facilities Services, Navi Mumbai (India). Since year 2007, Mr. Narayan Maruti Kadam has been a key contributor in providing security solutions to all industries, merging leading-edge private security with public safety expertise. Having conceived the company in the wake of various incidents in Mumbai, Mr. Narayan Maruti brings his concern for the public to the forefront of the security industry.

He has also taken an active role in developing private security training programs and integrating public and private security measures. Bombay Intelligence constant growth is a direct reflection of Mr. Narayan Maruti Kadam entrepreneurial spirit. Mr. Narayan Maruti translates his technology and business development expertise into concrete leadership and superior business operation.

Nilesh Gokul Gole (Executive Director):

Nilesh Gokul Gole is the Executive Director of Bombay Intelligence Facilities Services, Navi Mumbai (India). He has been with the company since 2007. Mr. Nilesh graduate and post graduate in Commerce.

He is responsible for planning and overseeing all security operations of the firm, providing security consulting, training, presenting security seminars and creating Standard Operating Procedures for each client. His interest in understanding of the city and his capacity to work well with individuals from any walk of life. Qualities that offer assistance of Bombay Intelligence to really exceed expectations. He also serves as the contact to numerous of clients.

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Welcome to Bombay Intelligence

BISF is leading private security service company in Mumbai, that provides specialized security solutions & services that are customized to fit specific needs of each customer. We have name that a decade experience in the field of security and safety and over 100 clients spread across different industry seinents.

We do this in on environment offorness,intesnty and coutesy towards on customers, employees and the community that we live in.

Every once from small store to long companies our team of 500 professional trained joint's and officers are making a positive difference every day.

The trained joint's and officers are making a positive difference every day.

The founding philosophy of BISF is to provide our customer's with best in class security while remoining a smart place for our employees to work in.

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Mission Statement

Our mission is to make our customers world a safer place to live in by providing the best security services that they need to protect their people and property.

Vission Statement

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Unique Approach to Joining

Technical Service

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Techno Commercial Proposal:

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Customer Enjoyment

Define clear deliverberables fee structure terms of payment, terms and conditions pcilg & weekly reparting by operation team.

Standing Instrument

Froming Duties resopnsibilities of security personal base on standard. Fire prevention and safty standard practice's ethics and code of conduct.